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Concerns From The Lynn, MA Hit And Run

The recent hit and run accident in Lynn, MA raises a number of serious concerns. Intentional acts are not covered by any insurance policy.

In situations where a hit and run accident takes place, and an injured party is left without any information as to who was responsible for the accident, there are mechanisms in place to obtain compensation. For example, the injured person could obtain compensation through their own car insurance under the uninsured driver provision. If the identity of the responsible party is ascertained, though, an aggrieved party would be relegated to the insurance limits maintained by the defendant driver. But as in the Lynn case, there is an allegation that the car was used as a weapon, or in other words, the accident was intentional. That would leave a victim without any real means of recovery since intentional acts are never covered by insurance. Insurance policies are mine fields that need to be navigated when accidents occur. I hope that the victim is well represented because, in reality, every situation comes down to the skill of the attorney chosen.